Thursday, October 30, 2008

Email Update from Malawi

5 ladies from WACC returned to Malawi on October 23. They are working to finish details before the Dedication and Grand Opening of the Clinic on November 1.

Email from Fred, Kari's husband:
I've spoken to Kari a couple of times this week. The crew has been working late into the night each day, usually not getting back to their rooms until after 11:00 each night. Today, Thursday, is the last full day to finish all of the little projects before Friday's Dedication service. Kari said they are planning to finish things like hanging the mobiles, doing a lot of paint touch ups and Kari is concentrating on finishing the library. Kari asked for prayer for her words as she speaks during the dedication. They are not sure how it is all going to go but are excited to put the finishing touches on the building in preparation of bringing it to life this weekend.
She mentioned no new things but is grateful her migraines have not been an issue, but I'm sure she'll be icing her feet for a few days when she gets back. She said its been really hot there this time.
Thank you again for all of your support for her and the team. I'm sure they are excited to see all of their work come to fruition. I was re-reading the e-mail Kari sent out over a year ago when she started to work on this project and saw how those plans and expectations were either fulfilled or changed greatly. I can see what God will do when we place ourselves in a place where we let Him guide us and we are willing to follow wherever He takes us.
I'm sure Kari will send an update when she returns, which is scheduled for Monday evening.